Floral Design

floral design

From the groom's boutonniere to the wedding cake, seasonal floral design is the ultimate color and texture accent. Simon's production team and relationships with the best local suppliers deliver a bespoke and cost-effective floral design and his experience assures that every detail is carried out to perfection. Call today for an all-inclusive floral design and catering proposal. 

Floral Accessories 

Simon works with numerous celebrity and fashion clients to make unique and creative presentations for the most romantic wedding traditions - bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.                                                                                         

floral catering Accents 

Known for his "color conscious" epicurean presentations, Simon is an expert in designing desserts, cocktails and exquisite food with herb and floral accents. His work remains meticulous even as the guest list unexpectedly swells.                     

Floral Arrangements 

Beautiful floral arrangements for the table, bar or altar are an essential design element, bringing luxurious warmth and sophistication to the celebration.